Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The first time I heard the word “blog” I must have had a reaction as shrewd as the pornographic interpretation I made the first time someone said they were going to check their "Hotmail". But let’s face it, the phenomenon has its charm, but for a very simple reason. A blog allows a person to talk about what they like the most. And when that happens there’s always the risk of creating something interesting. About two years ago, Mariana and Hugo created xukebox. The intention was simple, they wanted to share their taste for music and use the blog as a tool for discovering new bands and generate some kind of discussion around new and old trends. Then João joined them and, with some time and dedication (this part is inevitable), the blog kept on growing.

The first time I heard about the xukebox it was probably at that bar in the Lux that goes all the width of the room and where I’m usually eating something. It was probably there because that’s were I always find João. He always follows the same strategy. He praises The Lisbon Taylor and then he tries to sell me the idea that I should choose a music for the xukebox and write a post. You know me by now… I’m easily convinced and vulnerable to flattery so I always tell him “come on João, I don’t have much time for that, but Ok… and I already know which music I’m going to pick”. And then I always end up forgetting. When we meet again at the same bar a couple of weeks later the conversation repeats itself and one day I tell him, “João, there’s one way to make me remember. I’ll take your photograph and I’ll create a post in The Lisbon Taylor about xukebox. I love posting about stuff that is not fashion-related”. That was a deal. They met me at Terrugem and I took their photograph (I won’t even mention the fact that Hugo was not there, I’ll just pretend I’m not an easily offended guy)

One day someone came up with the idea that if people enjoyed the music they post on their blog then they would also like to dance to its sound. The result? They're already preparing their third party. Let me explain, it’s not a bloggers party, it’s not a chat reunion dinner. It’s a party for those that like to dance to the sound of something different from what we usually hear. When? Next Saturday. Where? At Ko-Zee Club (Calçada do Marquês de Abrantes) in Santos. Mariana, please invite some cute girl friends, OK? You see, my friends don’t define their nightlife itineraries solely based on the music…

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