Sunday, October 24, 2010

Madalena, Madalena’s dress, the squares in Madalena’s dress and Madalena’s blog (Ericeira)


It’s strange to ask a perfect stranger if we can take their picture. Doing it all the time is even stranger. But, with some tweaks here and there, we start to get the hang of it and soon it begins to feel like a routine. And like so many other things in this blog, I keep on experimenting and testing so that – at least here – I too don’t fall into routine. But I’m not the only responsible for that. If it were for me I would have already published children’s pictures here. But if it’s strange to ask a perfect stranger if we can take their picture, it’s even stranger to tell that stranger not to consider my request as strange:
- Can I take a picture of your son?
And that’s why I never did it before.

No one can deny that this blog transmits good vibes. And that those good vibes are contagious. If it didn’t then this photo would not have been taken. And that’s where its biggest merit lies. The blog’s own merit, not mine. Because the energy is not mine… And for a very simple reason… Because the blog is also not mine. It’s Gonçalo’s, João’s, Rui’s and Kenzo’s. It belongs to Mr. Horácio, Yim, Yen, Maria and Alex. It belongs to the old couple that I photographed in the Gaia’s Pier, to Ayres (and his grandfather), Nana, Sebastiano, Iara and Namalimba. It also belongs to Mr. Nicolau, whose hand I just shaked a while ago in this same beach, asking "do you remember me?!". It's Luigi’s, Osíris's, my sister’s, Baiba’s and Thaís’s. It’s James’s, Pureza’s, Pri’s and Dasha’s. Varela’s, José Luís’s and Rebecca’s. Marcela’s, Sebastiano’s, Ann-Krintin’s and Camila’s. It’s also the blog of Simon and Sanna, Sancha and Vitório, of the two marines whom I ran into one day, of Charlotte, of the girls with the blue sash, of Virve and of my father. And it’s also, from now on… Madalena’s blog

Friday, October 15, 2010

Austrian simplicity in a Lisbon garden

Simplicidade austríaca num jardim lisboeta
Simplicidade austríaca num jardim lisboeta

For all I know, she probably lost my visit card and will never see these pictures. But if she happens to find them I’m sure she will love them. And that’s what keeps this blog going. More than a portrait of a city, its people or its fashion. That is why this blog will never end… Because if she ever sees these pictures, I’m sure she will love them

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Carrer de Colon – how the traffic stopped

Carrer de Colom – e o trânsito parou

[what you guys don’t know and that, to be honest, I'm a little embarrassed to say (surprisingly, I still have some shame left) is that I waited for 10 minutes (Ok… 15m) for Helena to leave the store where I saw her to take her picture. It’s not the 1st time that I do something like this and I doubt it will be my last]