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“Non uso mai i collant” she told me

Sara - a rapariga das meias altas (1)
Sara - a rapariga das meias altas (2)

I know you don’t Sara. Or do you think I don’t remember the photos we did in May?

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Niccolò’s cape (Via della Spiga)

A capa do Niccolò

I’m an urban person, I really am. Or at least, in some degree, I consider myself as one. But I love the rural features, and most of all, the sensible presence that this piece conveys and that doesn’t go against its nature. Although rustic, it has a modern cosmopolitan flair that goes beyond the pieces that the urban flocks use. I’ve said it before here, wore it here and here and, almost enchanted, ended up here. And enough with this, since unlike the dozens of people that wrote me asking, I don’t sell capes, cloaks or shepherd’s coat. Nor does our leading man. But there’s one thing I can assure you, I would be greatly successful if I did. And so would Niccolò, that’s for sure!

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Japan in Milan

Japão em Milão

(is it me or there’s something here that invokes me an oriental Sex and the City or, as they say it… セックスアンドザシティ?)

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Milan is Milan and the rest is just nonsense

Milão é Milão o resto é conversa
Milão é Milão o resto é conversa (2)

Maybe that’s why it’s not so strange that the first person I photographed here also had something in exchange to give me that was fashion-related. Maybe that’s why it’s not so strange that in those two or three minutes of conversation I had the feeling I was in the presence of someone that was more than a simple style reference. She was some type of femininity archetype. If there were any doubts, they disappeared here and here. Oh... and here