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Feminine. Dressed in a manly fashion, but oozing femininity

Feminina. Ainda que coberta à imagem masculina…toda ela feminina

Madrid is cold in the Winter and unbearably hot in the Summer. Climate governs what people wear and by this time of the year that is reflected in light clothes. Men are almost always demanded the strictness of a suit, but women enjoy a more free style. The result? Dresses and more dresses. Dresses after dresses. Light, delicate and fresh dresses. Maybe that was why I felt so much the splendor of the feminine presence in Madrid. Of all the cities, Madrid sounded eminently feminine to me. Just like Inés, that although dressed in a manly fashion, oozes femininity through her every pore

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

José Luis – Carmina, real shoemakers

Jose Luis - Carmina, sapatarias a sério

We have almost everything in Lisbon. And even if we didn’t, I wouldn’t be missing most of the ultra premium brands that opened a store here in recent years. I always have a soft spot for handmade pieces, those pieces that are not caught by the globalization effects. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge supporter of globalization (and I love reminding those people that supposedly hate it how benefited they are by it), but while the probabilities of finding what I’m wearing being worn by other people remain low I’ll be thanking the destiny.

If there are areas where the technological advances provide us daily joys and push everything that was done before to the utmost obsoleteness, classic footwear is not necessarily one of them. At Carmina, besides having a highly professional and charming staff, you can find amazing shoes created using the most traditional methods and by the best craftsmen. With or without seams, with shoelaces, tongues, one color, two colors, for men or women. They're beautiful, but not exactly cheap. But now, with sales season full on, most of them are more accessible. With 6 stores, three in Madrid and one in Bilbao, Palma de Mallorca and Paris, those close encounters with faithful reproductions of what we're wearing won’t be very likely. As I was saying earlier, we have almost everything in Lisbon, but it wouldn’t do us any harm if we had a Carmina store

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