Sunday, March 10, 2019

10 years of the Tailor


10 years, even for an octogenarian, are precisely what I just said: 10 years. For someone who, like me, have yet to reach 40, 10 years is a lot more. 10 years of the Tailor have gone by. Much has changed in the world, in the meantime. First of all, (almost) everyone knows what a blog is. Not to mention that after 10 years, it is difficult to find someone who, between blogger, wordpress, tumblr, facebook, instagram, linkedin, snapchat, twitter and pinterest, has not had - in some corner of the internet - a personal page where he or she has dabbled in publishing words, images or videos, for a smaller or broader audience.

I have probably written here many times that this blog changed my life. Curiously I never introduced myself as a blogger. I was, am and will, most likely, continue to be, a guy with a blog. Or two (but we will talk about this later). This blog has brought me a lot of good things and, I like to think, that it has also brought funny moments to those who have landed here. I can say - in all humility - that I feel I brought something unique. Perhaps because when the Tailor appeared, few in Portugal had spent much time approaching people on the street. But also, because, in this endless universe of blogs whose authors photograph people through the streets around the world, I suspect that this one has almost always had a more personal, human and, here and there, more literary approach. But 10 years are just that: 10 years. And it should be easy to perceive, for the few who are still here, that I got tired of photographing people on the street. In much the same way, to be completely honest, I also got a little bit tired of answering people who, so kindly, still ask me "why don’t you do it again?” (which proves that sometimes - damn human condition - we also get tired of the things for which we should be grateful).

At some point, I began to feel that everything that happened in my life came directly or indirectly from the fact that, one day, I had started this blog. Now there are two things that - beyond any doubt – I would never have done had I not begun THE LISBON TAILOR. One is the CAIÁGUA brand, which has just been present at Pitti Uomo, at the invitation of the organization. "Caiáguas " coats are what I usually describe as, in a fun but serious way, the most beautiful raincoats in the world.

The other is something that, ten years after, reminds me of this blog. And what is it? Another blog. A HOUSE IN LISBON. And if I think I managed to do something unique with what many people chose to call fashion, the challenge is even greater when it comes to blogging about real estate. Besides, it has only been inaugurated the other day, but it has already earned me a unique story. But I will get to that some other time. For the moment I leave you with what I want to be a transparent approach to national real estate and, in particular, the urban transformation that Lisbon and its surroundings have witnessed in recent years. A HOUSE IN LISBON. I hope you like it. For my part, I am already feeling the same puerile joy that I experienced, in this precise place, exactly 10 years ago