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What Mr. Horácio doesn't know

Sr. Horácio

It was in the half-light of an Italian restaurant in Bairro Alto that I first told my friends that I was going to start the Lisbon Tailor. One of the them laughed at the idea, another, frowning, asked me why the hell would someone want to do that, a third one called me a faggot and the remaining 2 or 3 thought that ignoring me would be the best way to let me know how stupid my idea was. From all of those reactions two consensus emerged: stupid idea, cute name.

I don’t buy tailor-made jackets. Not that I wouldn’t like that. But that would mean having to give up on some trips and of my drunkenness moments, which I consider far more significant to my happiness than the added value of having a coat measured to fit or going to San Giorgio, choose a pattern that best describes what goes on in my mind and ask Mr. Horácio to fit the sleeves so that I can feel comfortable inside a lousy jacket. What Mr. Horácio doesn’t know is that it was in one of those days, when he was busy trying to correct in a jacket what I cannot correct in my own body, that I thought about a name for this blog. The cute name for the stupid idea that I could not stop thinking about. The name of Mr. Horácio’s craft

Paris and how mundane a glimpse of style can be

Paris e o quão prosaico pode ser um vislumbre de estilo

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Truth be told, I would have photographed him even if he only showed half of this neatness

Na verdade, não precisava que ele tivesse metade daquele aprumo para o ter fotografado. E pela expressão, dir-se-ia que ele sabia perfeitamente disso. Porque mesmo em Paris, quando se sai assim de casa, já se sabe que muita gente não nos ficará indiferent

(And from his expression, he knew that very well. Even in Paris, when you leave home like this, you already know that you’ll be noticed)

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The fabulous colorful world of Amélie

O fabuloso colorido de Amélie

I already had the movie, the leading actress and her charming craziness, Yann Tiersen, Yann Tiersen's music, the image of the girl in my gym rehearsing to the sound of Yann Tiersen. And as if all that wasn’t enough, I came across Amélia so delightfully dressed. And on top of all that she has a Web site, a Web site that goes with all that I wrote previously

The refinement of the classic man (pinstripe suit and bowler hat)

O apuro do homem clássico (fato risca de giz e chapéu de coco)