Thursday, March 17, 2011

What Mr. Horácio doesn't know

Sr. Horácio

It was in the half-light of an Italian restaurant in Bairro Alto that I first told my friends that I was going to start the Lisbon Tailor. One of the them laughed at the idea, another, frowning, asked me why the hell would someone want to do that, a third one called me a faggot and the remaining 2 or 3 thought that ignoring me would be the best way to let me know how stupid my idea was. From all of those reactions two consensus emerged: stupid idea, cute name.

I don’t buy tailor-made jackets. Not that I wouldn’t like that. But that would mean having to give up on some trips and of my drunkenness moments, which I consider far more significant to my happiness than the added value of having a coat measured to fit or going to San Giorgio, choose a pattern that best describes what goes on in my mind and ask Mr. Horácio to fit the sleeves so that I can feel comfortable inside a lousy jacket. What Mr. Horácio doesn’t know is that it was in one of those days, when he was busy trying to correct in a jacket what I cannot correct in my own body, that I thought about a name for this blog. The cute name for the stupid idea that I could not stop thinking about. The name of Mr. Horácio’s craft


Felicia S. said...

You see, you need only your own opinion. I like this post.

Anonymous said...

Good on you for proving your friends wrong! Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you listened to yourself and started this blog because I absolutely love your pictures! Wish all of your posts were also translated to English so that everyone on this earth could become a fan! ;)