Friday, August 13, 2010

Feminine. Dressed in a manly fashion, but oozing femininity

Feminina. Ainda que coberta à imagem masculina…toda ela feminina

Madrid is cold in the Winter and unbearably hot in the Summer. Climate governs what people wear and by this time of the year that is reflected in light clothes. Men are almost always demanded the strictness of a suit, but women enjoy a more free style. The result? Dresses and more dresses. Dresses after dresses. Light, delicate and fresh dresses. Maybe that was why I felt so much the splendor of the feminine presence in Madrid. Of all the cities, Madrid sounded eminently feminine to me. Just like Inés, that although dressed in a manly fashion, oozes femininity through her every pore

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Milty Flinn said...

Madrid is beautiful!!
People loves the sunlights and walks until midnight hour.