Sunday, April 4, 2010

Juan & Javier

Juan & Javier

I was just chatting with someone near the wall that surrounds the subway exit when I saw them and said:
- I’m just going to take a photograph of those two (as if the fact that I wanted to photograph someone was enough for that someone to want to be photographed by me).

Without me even suspecting, the spirit of this post had already begun a few weeks earlier when, going down Rua da Rosa street, a shop had caught my eye. El Ganso. The name sounded familiar and the friend that was with me at the time mentioned all the buzz that this shop was creating in Spain. I liked what I saw, but my patience is running low when it comes to shops and not having too much money to spend also helped. Maybe next time.

- Can I take your picture?
Yes, please do”, they replied. How weird was that, two Spanish guys speaking perfect Portuguese! “Oh, we live here”, they explained. That night I had in my e-mail the usual request that I always receive from all the people I photograph. They wanted to see the pictures. Their gratitude included an invitation to visit their store at Rua da Rosa, 31. Hhmm… “Rua da Rosa”, “store”, “Spanish”, there was a feeling of déjà vu in all this. And then I remembered, “El Ganso!”. I wrote them asking and they replied exactly what I wanted to hear (I have a fetish for coincidences, don’t you?).

The store is really, really nice. I bought a sweater (again, I’m not exactly swimming in money, to tell you the truth I don’t have a penny in my name! now that we cleared that, I must say that I don’t consider the store that expensive). Sweaters, coats, pants, shorts and sneakers, lots of sneakers. And for women too. Dresses included. Those types of dresses that we feel like touching (or raising… but that will depend of you and of what you’re aiming for).

P.S. – I don’t intend to make a post more convincing by buying something. My craziness about this blog does not justify that. At least… not yet. But this store is really worth a visit… it really is. Rua da Rosa, 31.

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