Friday, April 16, 2010

Érica - Summertime!

Érica -Summertime!

There are 2 types of girls when it comes to compliments. Those that can’t hear the slightest remark without thinking that we want to bang them and those that are smart enough to know that we wouldn’t be praising even their most obvious attributes if we really wanted to bang them (I used the term “bang” just as I could have easily used another one… don’t be such pussies)

Truth be told, whenever I run into Érica she always looks cool, whether she’s surfing, in Lux or at the Miradouro where I just found her. I suspect she never takes me seriously, but I always make a move. Maybe if the move is made in writing (all this because I already tested her shrewdness a long time ago).


Anonymous said...

I imagine there are many Chaps that would love to 'bang' her -even if she just finished surfing!
:0 :))))))))))))))))

Anonymous said...

I hope you never get to, now that you outed her and your intentions on your blog!!

C'mon, a street style blogger should have more etiquette than that!!

Anonymous said...

You're giving us fashion bloggers a bad name.