Sunday, November 7, 2010

Theories about saltiness and feminine beauty


A college friend used to say that the woman of his life would be one of those cute girls that after a day at the beach still look beautiful and dashing despite all the sand and salt in their hair and body. That dream came true in the form of a girl that was studying Economy and had some Law classes with us. According to him, she had never seemed so sexy like the day he saw her at a Comporta beach. When I looked at Leonor a while ago, still carrying the remainings of a day at the beach, I saw more than a beautiful and simple girl (or should I say "simply beautiful"?). I remembered Manel and his theories about saltiness and feminine beauty. Manel knows this blog and the day he reads this he will think “how on earth does that son of a b#!%# still remember that?”. You see, I also have my own theories and in them, right next to this image of Leonor, is also the image of that the Economy student

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Liz S said...

I completely understand this even as a female.