Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fashion and motorcycles

I had to walk back a whole block, have faith that the traffic restraints on downtown would do their job and take advantage of the color of the traffic light just to take this picture. After I turned my back around I thought “this is the second picture of a motorcycle that I take, and from the Taylor you should expect it to be a blog about fashion before anything else, or at least that it inspires itself on fashion to talk about anything else.” I turned around thinking about how nice that motorcycle was and about my apparently well succeeded posts where I didn’t just stick to the sheer aesthetic analysis of the clothes of those that got photographed. I took a turn at Rua Augusta, walked in at the MUDE (Museum of Fashion and Design) and the first thing I saw represented, even before a Christian Dior coat and jacket, was a Vespa 125. Presumptuously I thought to myself:
- "Not bad, for a guy that works at a bank.”

p.s. - did you liked the scooter? click here to know more


Anonymous said...

love the scooter!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this picture! The contrast between the car and the scooter is so big. The scooter takes you back in time, but the car behind it reminds you that you're still in the same time, unfortunately...