Thursday, June 4, 2009

Letter to Manel (Uniforms and Identities)

Dear Manel,
Some have the capability of intimidating others just for their presence, some have the ability of stopping traffic just for their walk and some have the virtue of never letting themselves be extinguished by what they’re wearing. When we’re wearing a uniform, we always loose a bit of ourselves for the piece of garment we wear. I’ve always felt a little bit less me every time I had to wear one. As you can imagine, for a guy that thought about doing a blog about rags, wearing the rags he didn’t choose can be particularly itchy. But you, Manel, you simply said to me “Sure you can shoot, I’m just doing my job”.
You sure were, Manel. And everybody looking at you could realize that if you wore a tuxedo for an evening out or bathing shorts on the beach, they would always see you. But me, I seem to pass through a multiplicity of egos when I go between coat and tie from Monday to Friday, and a baseball cap and a tank top shirt on the weekends. “Sure you can shoot, I’m just doing my job”. Yes you are, Manel, but all I’m asking is for you to give a 10 minute tolerance to that car and to forgive me for taking the “u” off from “Manuel”. I can assure you that I’m doing it with the same simplicity for who (sometimes) it’s hard not to introduce myself as “Zé”, instead of “José”, during work time. I have to go now. By 9 o’clock I have to be José again.
Best regards,

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Anonymous said...

wonderful writing! Just come this blog is so unknown!?