Monday, December 3, 2012



People usually ask me “how do you find those people?”. I don’t find them, I just notice them. I’m eventually more interested in what surrounds me than most people are. In a boy with a school uniform I saw the coolest guy in the Carcavelo’s beach. The common gesture of holding the surf board made the perfect contrast with the tie he was wearing. I don’t find people. I just give them more attention than most people do. In the moment when a Milanese guy writes an SMS, a Madrilenian man walks his dog or a Lisbonian woman holds two water demijohns. Wouldn’t you have noticed any of these people? Wouldn’t you have noticed Sam in one of those Winter days that feel like Summer in Carcavelos?


sandyb said...

Yes to all of it. I recently found your blog and love it. I read the Portuguese version usually, but also enjoy the descriptions in English, to compare. Muito obrigado for all the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Paying attention is truly important!
Can I humbly suggest a blog on men`s fashion for beginners?