Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sagres - Labrador raincoat and hat

Macau em Sagres – o Infante D. Henrique haveria de gostar desta Portugalidade além-mar (chapéu e gabardina Labrador)

"Throughout history man has been moved by the desire of find unknow mysterious places. Five centuries ago, "The Land of Labrador" - the old "Terra Laboratoris" on the Northern Atlantic shores - became a symbol of this longing for mystery and adventure. Nowadays, the name "Labrador" continues to evoke the same timeless passion for discovery, wich will never cease to endure.

Welcome to Labrador


Anonymous said...

Nice photo showing the Portuguese tradition as Men of the World, with presence worldwide. This really reminds me as a Brit one of the epic moments of Her Majesty's Empire - The beating retreat from Hong Kong:


bess said...

Beautiful blog, Lisbon Tailor! So glad I found it.