Sunday, May 31, 2009

My first turban

O meu primeiro turbante

If you ask me for an exotic destination, the first country that comes into my mind is India. Besides, I have a hyper-romantic conception of the Indian woman and every time I think about its male version it always occurs to me that scene from The English Patient where the character played by Juliette Binoche starts drooling about Naveen Andrews (Lieutenant Kip Singh) washing his hair after we’d seen him carefully taking off his turban.

Some of the photos that show up here are concepts that I had previously designed in my mind and just waited for the right opportunity to materialize. The turban was exactly on of them. I must admit it was the turban that took me to Martim Moniz. This part of Lisbon and the idea about it that the people from Lisbon have sends me back to everything we cheer about London, New York and all of those big cities that serve as paradigms for the “melting pots” and the “multiracial societies”. The truth is that we tend to appreciate these sociological concepts better if they’re several thousands of miles away from our homes. This is just my own personal confession…

This all came to my mind the moment I walked away from Balbir Singh. I just never would have thought that his last name would be the same as the movie character responsible for my charming vision of the Indian man.

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