Thursday, January 1, 2009


O casaco desportivo

José Cabral was born in Lisbon in 1980. He studied Sociology and worked several years in the financial sector. In 2009 he created the blog O Alfaiate Lisboeta (The Lisbon Tailor) where he started writing and publishing portraits he was making in the streets of Lisbon.
Since then he started shooting in other countries and in 2010 he debuted a column in the international newspaper Metro, in 2011 in Vogue online magazine and during 2012 he signed a page in the weekly Expresso. He has also many pictures published in New York Mag. Besides Portuguese, he also has versions of his blog in English, Spanish and Chinese.
His work has reached several countries such as Spain, Germany, Russia, Brazil, the United Stares, South Korea, Australia and China where you can find articles, interventions or even exhibitions of his work.
In 2012 he fully authored and conceived the campaign Lisboa somos nós (we are Lisbon) for Lisbon´s City Hall where, for the first time worldwide, images of a blog were the face of an institutional campaign. In 2013 he created another campaign to the City Hall of Lisbon titled o meu futuro é Lisboa (my future is Lisbon).
He was also the chosen photographer for the Portuguese Blood Donors and Transplantation Institute campaign (Ministry of Health) and for several campaigns of Multinational companies like H&M, Nike and Sonae Sierra.
In 2011 he was distinguished with the Fashion TV Award for Best Digital Communication and in 2012 it published the homonymous book of the blog O Alfaiate Lisboeta (The Lisbon Tailor). He was the ambassador for the Route of Fashion in the first edition of the Lisbon Week and, since 2013, he has been a member of the Advisory Board of ESNE (University School of Design and Innovation) in Madrid.
In 2014 he created and released J.LISBON, an innovative online store dedicated exclusively to men's clothing and, in 2016, he launched CAIÁGUA.
In 2018 he started writing in the Portuguese press once again. He writes the page You talking to me'? at GQ Portugal.


Marianne said...

Bom dia ! I'm a Senegalese woman who lies in Paris. I discovered your blog today thanks to a documentary tha was displayey this morning on the french-german tv "arte". It was about Lisbon and they showed you offering your book to a tailor that was one of the most beautiful moment of that documentary. Tht's why Im here visting your inspiring blog.

maras said...

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