Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The day Terreiro do Paço stood still

E o Terreiro do Paço parou...

I heard a horn. Drivers never tended to go crazy about me walking on crosswalks, but I turned around by instinct. I saw two police agents, gazing, the same agents that had just missed two blatant proposals to get cocaine (from there to Rossio, the rule is the same: just as long as you don’t try to offer “dope” to the gentlemen in the uniforms, everything will go on just fine). The way they elbowed themselves reminded me of how we used to do it, in our pre-teens, every time we saw Mariana Cardoso, a girl from our school, walking in front of us. I held the camera firmly and took the shot. Some may like it, others may not… But the fact is Terreiro do Paço stood still.

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