Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chequers and coincidences

I’ve realised some months ago, reading a fashion editorial in Men’sHealth, that chequers are back for good. It reminded me of the shirt I (probably) took to a Pearl Jam concert in 96 and it made me realise that I’m not that immune to fashion tendencies as much as I would like to think I am. We’re done about chequers.

I like coincidences. They don’t leave me wondering about the good or bad energy of the universe, but I find them amusing. These two fellows are German. In 5 days, I’ve found them in two different places of the city. Ok, they’re designers, they’re here for the OFFF, but it’s still a funny coincidence. The thing is that I really enjoyed talking with these guys. More than a photoblog or a fashionblog, this is a peopleblog. Without nice people like these two guys The Lisbon Tailor wouldn’t have survived for more than two weeks.

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Ringo said...

Great look!